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X5 Meeting Table

X5 Meeting Table

The X5 meeting table showcases ideals of orderliness, concentration, and elegance through its crisp, geometric design. This table isn't just about aesthetics; it's designed for functionality and adaptability. The framework offers finishes such as classic white and the nuanced umbra grey, while the melamine tabletop comes in shades like eucalyptus, bleached elm, cement, natural and white elm, and warm walnut.


At its core, the X5 table is all about organization. It features a flush container with sliding doors for document storage and metal cable holder doors to manage power connections seamlessly. For those seeking an elevated experience, the semi-executive version of the X5 table includes sound-absorbing panels. These panels, when adorned in fabric, not only enhance auditory comfort but also add a sophisticated touch to any high-end workspace.

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