The award-winning Genie® series designed by Henner Jahns is Via Seating’s best-selling office chair series. With its supreme look, advanced ergonomics and extensive breadth of line, this is no surprise. The distinctive genie lamp shape of the back frame stands out as not only a beautiful design, but, a purposeful one as well. Its contours promote movement by the way the back narrows at the top, which allows for upper body thoracic mobility in the shoulder area and provides great comfort and support throughout the body. This creates an important sense of “room within the chair” while office work stations are getting smaller and more confined. Genie® offers 6 different seat sizes all within the same framework allowing for the one “look” to fit all body types in the workplace. All seats are formed using Via Seating’s proprietary comfort foam and are backed by Genie®‘s 12 year warranty—including for heavy-duty and 24/7 use. Multiple arm options include a unique roll back height adjustable arm, conference arms and multi-adjustment arms. Genie® can be customized to fit any work environment and use.Looking for the perfect chair? Genie® is your wish granted.

Genie Chair