Brisbane is a versatile ergonomic workhorse task chair that meets all your comfort and support needs while being customizable to fit everybody in the office.  Offering up to 6 seat sizes, multiple controls, a height adjustable back and arm options including a unique roll back arm that moves out of the way when you don’t want or need it.  The Heavy Duty 24/7 version includes our 12-year warranty for up to a 450 lb person.  Ballistic Brisbane, a unique ballistic nylon version is perfect for security, police and fire departments where utility belts often tear up chair upholstery when sitting with them on in a chair.  This super strong nylon material is placed in just the right areas to protect from wear and tear and look great year after year.  Via Seating’s 12-year warranty includes Brisbane’s incredible comfortable and supportive proprietary foam and the heavy-duty 24/7 applications. It even covers the labor. Brisbane chairs are shipped 95% assembled and the price includes shipping.Designed by Via Seating’s Studio V.

Brisbane Task Chair