Small in size, big in performance. The Astra 3 Single Arm was designed for space constrained work environments. With clustered, high-output, high CRI LEDs the Astra 3 provides a crisp white light with no shadowing effect in a smaller footprint. The Astra 3 features programmable touch button controls—allowing the user to return to the same dimming level as last used—double touch to maximum brightness and programming for auto shut-off after 5 or 10 hours of use. Combine the Astra 3 Single Arm with the Tool Bar/Slatwall Mount to create the ultimate space saving solution. Astra 3 also includes an energy saving Occupancy Sensor that turns on the Astra 3 with movement and turns off after 15 minutes of inactivity.

Astra 3 Single Arm Task Light